• The Delta Tri-Walker is a high quality Tri-Walker but at a very reasonable price, the lowest priced Tri-Walker on the market today! Complete with many features found on many more expensive Tri-Walkers do not be fooled by its lower price, the Delta Tri-Walker is as good as most other Tri-Walkers you will find.

    Weighing in at only 7 kg the lightweight of the Delta Tri-Walker makes it very easy to control and move, yet still has a sturdy steel frame construction meaning that you will always feel secure when using this Tri Walker. Fitted with arthritic friendly loop brakes which can instantly stop the Tri-Walker the Delta Tri-Walker is simple to use and has 31” to 36” height adjustable handles to accommodate most users.

    Store Price R1,699.00
    SAVE R400.00